Hats Off!

I take my hat off to those who blog on a regular basis.  That’s a figure of speech, because I don’t wear a hat.  I’ve never looked good in a hat.  I went to a hat party once, back in the early ’80’s.  Those corporate days were wild times.  The 80’s seem like yesterday.  […]

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Trust Yourself and Trust the Process

Yesterday I stopped in my tracks, thinking I needed to ‘hurry up’ and create new pieces for my wall at the Green Door Art Gallery.  There’s a big civic artsy thing happening there next week, plus our grand opening is coming up.  I want my wall to represent my latest work and my newest […]

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Let’s Try This Again

My last blog post was last year.  Seriously?!!!  December 21, 2012?  Ten months later and I’ve decided to blog again.  I’ll do better this time, I promise.  I’ve been around, just not around here, on this website.  So much has changed since my last writing.  Nothing in my life looks the same.  Seriously!!!  Let […]

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Starting Over

Welcome to my ‘new and improved’ website.  It has most of the elements I want and some I’ll add as I go.  It’s still a work in progress but so am I!

It was just a few months ago that I started to blog and had three whole blogs under my belt.  Rather than copy […]

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